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December 08 2014


QA Mentor unveils polished new website

software testing
Independent software testing business QA Mentor have now launched their redesigned site which could be viewed at qamentor.com.

quality assurance
Established together with the aim of helping their QA procedure improves in 2010, QA Mentor is currently the leading supplier of 37 different quality Assurance testing kinds, with 24 independent services - several of which can't be uncovered at another firm.

QA Mentor has a worldwide existence in 8 different nations, a staff of 100 and also a pool of over 1500 crowdsourced examiners. They use an effective and distinctive mixture of offshore and onshore resources to keep prices low for customers. The mission of QA Mentor since start has ever been to supply exceptional quality assurance and software testing services, while handling clients and workers with complete professionalism and admiration. Clients and employees plan to bring quality to the forefront and end up being the principal figure using an active QA site full of employing discussions and resources.

The brand new QA Mentor website continues to be professionally built to a really high standard and features new elements like forums, websites, job portals and online seminar enrollment. Its streamlined strategy has made it easier for the visitor to browse round the website in order to find pertinent sections in the easy tap of a button.

Look at the brand new online Wisdom Center for up-to-date and important advice associated with software quality assurance. Here you'll locate posts which are composed and entirely published by QA Mentor, websites which are posted by QA professionals, case studies from our years of expertise in the QA marketplace, useful information concerning the top rated testing tools in our Testing Tools Infrastructure, educational white paper documents and samples of QA Mentor's common deliverables.

The brand new forum facility at QAMentor.com serves as a focus for international communication between QA experts as well as other IT professionals. It is here that QA Mentor keeps all participants abreast of all of the newest styles and technologies. Newsgroup members answer questions posed by their contemporaries and convey advanced thoughts can discuss experiences and private opinions on previous and future QA endeavors.

And also to make life just just a little bit easier, the brand new QA Mentor site offers online seminar enrollment for the countless occasions that they host. Simply go to the Seminars page and pick the occasion that you want to attend, fill in the form and await email confirmation. It actually could not be simpler!

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